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Interior of the Brasserie Most restaurant
Brasserie Most restaurant is located in a historic Austrian Art Nouveau building in the very center of Moscow on Kuznetsky Most pedestrian street next to the Bolshoi Theater. The interior reflects the main features and traditional decorative forms of the Paris Grand Café. The restaurant consists of two halls. The first, main and spacious, is decorated with panoramic low sills and original mirrors that create a complex play of light; stucco on the walls; antique chandeliers on hangers; cozy tables with Viennese chairs. The second, small hall, is designed in Art Deco style with a Renaissance ceiling.
Fireplace hall
The restaurant has several halls that can be used for lively and secular events as well as official or chamber events.
The second hall is designed in Art Deco style with a Renaissance ceiling. The entrance is decorated by a wine cabinet with rare samples of wines, including the Grand Cru category.
Natural materials in the interior decoration, such as fine wood, velvet and soft leather, in a duet with the geometry of the mirrors make the hall not just cozy, but at the same time ideal for business negotiations.
In the center is a fireplace with high candles. This is the centerpiece of the hall that attracts the attention of guests and creates the unique atmosphere of France in the very center of Moscow.
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